Dry Scalp Along With Dandruff Tips To Help You

Are Dandruff and Dry Scalp Issues Wreaking Havoc On You?

Do you have dandruff? If the answer is yes, then read on. It is embarrassing for you to have this, particularly when it shows up in front of people. Failure to properly maintain your hairstyle because of itchiness and flakes can present hurdles. Challenges present difficult times because no matter how much you wash your hair, the dandruff remains.

A long time ago, I thought dry scalp and dandruff were the same thing. After studying and researching about it, I came to understand the differences between the two. A long time favorite hair product of mine was Head and Shoulders. Unfortunately, it contains sulfates which was in effect causing eventual harm to my hair. Therefore, I landed on Eden body works peppermint and tea tree collection. I’ll give this product a plug for it’s tremendous and excellent value.

The fact of the matter is that dry scalp and dandruff are entirely dissimilar issues. Even though they show common traits, and one may be confused for the other, you should treat them separately.

You should know the differences between the two by examining the roots cause for each solution.

Here is an explanation for each:

Dry scalp

It means that dead skin is falling in the form of light flakes. It’s entirely possible the cause is due to itchiness, dryness, and dull, frizzy hair. If this is something that affects you, it’s a possibility you may have a skin disorder called scalp psoriasis. This affects the whole scalp and usually shows thicker scales. The good news is that it does not transfer from one person to another because it’s not contagious. Don’t worry, you can share your hair brush without worrying. Dry scalp happens because of excessive dry heat on the hair from a blow dryer, harsh weather climates and improper diet. Find solace knowing there’s viable solutions to this problem and treatments do work.


Dandruff is an inflammatory condition which occurs due to a fungus. You know that when you scratch your head and find yellowish clumps in your nails, or you see them on your scalp, this is typically dandruff.

It accompanies redness of the scalp, itchiness, and flaking. Eczema is a medical condition thought to have some influence while poor hygiene can be the root of dandruff.

In reality, whether it is dandruff or dry scalp, they both stop your hair from growing healthy, plus they disturb your hair from growing strong strands. We’re all aware of how embarrassing flakes can be; so feel free to consider yourself lucky if you don’t have to suffer from any of the following:

  • You might have hair loss if untouched.
  • Itchiness and tightness will linger.
  • The beautiful hair will lose its shine and start to appear dull and messy.
  • Hair will start to fall out and hair will become brittle.

What you should do

Sometimes in out battle to fight against dry scalp, you have to look at the insides. More specifically being fully in tune what foods we’re eating.

  • Eat foods that include iodine (like cheese, cranberries, potatoes, organic yogurt)
  • Consider abstaining from alcohol and drastically reduce your coffee intake (You can check out websites from Google that explains what it does to your hair and body)
  • Include fatty acids in your diet such as walnuts and salmon.
  • Drink plenty of water. It cannot be stressed enough, water is crucial for our bodies.

What can you do externally?

Since food is an internal matter, but for taking care of your hair from the outside, you can try several things.

For dandruff

  • Utilize shampoos that are loaded with tea tree oil as it comes with antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties.
  • Massage your scalp with coconut oil or jojoba oil as frequently as possible. Jojoba (pronounced as hohoba) is a suitable moisturizing treatment to use as its molecular structure is very much comparable to the sebum or natural oil on our scalp. Additionally it’s very active in providing hydration and renewal of hair.
  • You concoct treatments at home using three teaspoons of tea tree oil and one tablespoon of coconut oil and one tablespoon of jojoba oil or olive oil (warm it up slightly). Apply on the scalp, cover for half an hour before rinsing prior to shampooing.
  • Another one you can make is using apple cider vinegar as it contains anti-inflammatory properties to help eradicate dry scalp and dandruff. Use that and water in a spraying bottle and apply it on the scalp. Allow it to sit on your head for fifteen minutes before washing off.

For dry scalp

You should know over washing hair more than usual is not a good idea because it makes the hair dry. Buy moisturizing conditioners to combat this.

Apply aloe vera to get rid of scalp redness, the moisturizing properties in it will give you relief from itching and dryness. You can make a mask yourself using bananas if it suits you. Doing so will reduce dandruff, flakes, and conditioning the hair will solve the inflammation. Mash up two bananas and a single ripe avocado into a bowl and put that on the scalp and leave for half an hour. Put lemon juice on the scalp as it’s able to ease dandruff and dryness. Rub a piece of lemon and wait for fifteen minutes before rinsing.

Things to remember

The treatments and solutions for dry scalp and dandruff are not always the same. Sometimes treating them in the same way won’t do much except cause more harm. To get rid of dryness, try the mask, massaging with coconut oil and apply moisturizing hair products. In the case of dandruff, anything that has anti-fungal properties such as lemon and tea tree oils are advantageous. These in combination with moisturizers such as aloe vera and banana pack a powerful punch.


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