Stubborn Dandruff Concerns

Dealing With Difficult and Annoyingly Persistent Dandruff

Dandruff is a common problem throughout the globe, and it is causing flaking and itching to many individuals. Even though it is not dangerous or painful, it can embarrass you when powder like flakes falls on your shoulders. Even though your scalp will not hurt but it can be embarrassing when people see that you have dandruff on your shoulder. If you are scratching to get them off, that can cause multiple boils which are a secondary bacterial infection.

A dry scalp is the main reason for this. If you rarely use the shampoo, have a poor hygiene and do not brush your hair properly, all these actions can cause dandruff. You might also think that you use shampoo regularly and comb your hair, then why do you still have it. The reason is that the shampoo you are using is loaded with chemicals. The strong chemicals make the scalp dry.

Hypothyroidism is an illness that can make the scalp dry. Seborrheic dermatitis is a condition of flaking and dryness of skin which generally happens over back of ears, eyebrows, and scalp advancing and triggering dandruff. The cause can be because of a fungal infection of the scalp. Medical illnesses like psoriasis and eczema or allergy to some beauty products are also grounds of dandruff. Psychological pressure is also concerned in producing and advancing the level of dandruff.

Start by improving your scalp’s hygienic. Pick out shampoo that does not come with dangerous chemicals. You do not have to make your shampoo at home because there are many natural ones at the store. Drink plenty of water. Use an air conditioner with a humidifier. Regularly massage your hair with olive oil or coconut oil. Your diet should contain lots of Vitamin C complex such as nuts and whole grains.

Antidandruff shampoos come with selenium sulfide that will eliminate the fungus. That is why before washing it off, leave the shampoo for five minutes. Use it twice a week or as the dermatologist recommends. If itching persists, consult a doctor. Lastly, remember to stay away from stress.


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